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    Originally posted this on the Kawi board but didn't get any responses...Thought I might try here...

    Have a buddy who has been given the chance to buy a 2000 Kawasaki 1100zxi or something like that... I know it is an 1100. Anyway it was winterized in 2002 and has sit in a heated garage for 5 years. The guy wants to sell it to him for $3500...

    Is this a good price? Is it a ticking time bomb from sitting that long, and what would he need to do to it if he purchased it???

    Thanks for your help!!!

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    Before buying it I would inspect the entire ski thoroughly, especially if this is a salt water ski. Do a compression test........., look at the impeller etc.

    Make the owner get it running...........

    After buying it, i would completely disassemble the carbs and clean them with carb cleaner. blow dry the parts with compressed air, and reassemble.

    Run a can of Seafoam through the gas, and then replace the fuel filter.

    After that, the ski should be good to go..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by camlaw View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by outtyhere View Post
    Good to know thanks for the info!
    Throughout my reads I've learned that the knock big horns just don't compare. I was in the search for a knock off that did but apparently here's another case.
    just curious,,,thought you had growlers ?,,,
    Growlers, what growlers? Joking, I do have them and love em!!
    "I was in the search for a knock off..."
    I was looking at many different tires and doing lots of comparisons. The Raceline Tires SXS MT was just one of those tires. There was barely any info on testing them and with what I did read they didn't stand a chance in my line up.

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    A freind of mine bought two ZXI 1100s a while back for around that price each. The skis were stored for several years but were properly winterized. He has had no issues with either of the machines.

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    I think thats a lot of money for zxi1100. I also wouldnt pay that much if they've been sitting that long. the guy two doors down from me has one. He rebuilt the pump once and carbs once. I think it only goes about 55-57mph though. kinda sucks for an 1100.

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