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    Aftermarket coils?

    Hey guys, has anybody got any objections to using aftermarket coils or are they just as good as OEM?
    Reason I ask is I'm going to replace mine as the boots have ripped off and they are all badly corroded! I had to pull like hell on one to get it out and I thought it was going to snap the head part off where the connector goes lol.

    Here is a photo of them if that helps.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks jamie

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    MRG/others ive seen use energy coils but they are $$$. Interested to hear what people have to say myself.....

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    nope. never. Run OEM only. Cheap chinese shit has its place in our motor like the PTO gasket and well the water pump gasket. Other than that hell no

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    You can use zx12r coils or gsxr 1000


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    I have used Suzuki hiyabusa coils with oem boots

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    Can't remember what model but a Honda CBR uses the same but there a tad higher and half the price.

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    Remember to apply plenty of dielectric grease under the top sealing ring, water n moisture love that route in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike H View Post
    MRG/others ive seen use energy coils but they are $$$. Interested to hear what people have to say myself.....

    Yes...we are using from some time ago...and they are amaizing. The aceleration is really more stronger...depending of the mods we gain between 50 and 300RPM.

    They are a little bit more expensive than stock coils...for complete stock skis, maybe dont make sense use this coils...but if you have some mods...really you can feel the difference between stock and energy coils. I have some riders who dont want to know about other coils anymore.

    One of them use to get a lot of problem with backfire after 1.5 bar of boost and 9000RPM...with this coils no more backfire and also better performance....

    Again..they are a little bit more expensives, but they work really good.

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    Damn...something else I didn't know I needed....ENERGY COILS

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    For that kind of money for a coil, it better self wash the ski after each ride, track the international space station, and predict the next 12 winning lottery numbers in row.

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