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    Exclamation 2014 fx sho question

    Hey guys i just recently bough a new 2014 fx sho what mods i can do to make the ski pass 80+ mph if possible with out losing my guarantee since i have lifetime guarantee on it thank you very much

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    Not going to happen

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    You mean a lifetime full warranty? If so is this a sho or svho? With either of them if warranty is a big thing don't focus on that 80mph mark. Not going to hit it keeping full warranty compliant buddy.

    Plate cut by Jim and Leo's wedge. If you have an sho the factory svho intercooler is an upgrade that I wouldn't think would void warranty. Stage 1 riva cooling kit shouldn't void warranty. A grate and shoe kit. (I have one for sale for that ski). Scom will not do anything on the fx line. Air intake and TJ exhaust mod won't void warranty. But I would put the exhaust back to stock quickly before warranty work took place. Kanaflex mod probably pick you up some power and can unhook before warranty work.

    Basically without the the reflash your very limited bud. Warranty killer very likely

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    2014 fx sho question

    I have to question why you bought the SHO if speed is a priority. The SVHO would have been a better choice. Also the FZ hulls are 4mph faster then the FX hulls mod for mod so take that into consideration with your goals.
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