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    Problems with FX SHO and Intake Grate

    Hello everyone, new to green hulk but not to jet skiing. I have a 2014 FX SHO. Recently I purchased a 2015 SVHO Intake Grate and R&D OEM Pump Seal kit. I got everything on the other day and I took the ski out for a test run today. Im getting massive cavitation at start for at least 20-50 feet. (half tank of fuel, no passengers and nothing in storage compartment). Once the ski "hooks up" its hooked. When I let off the gas its almost like a break has been applied. (I guess this is normal with these grates). Does anyone know why I would be getting all the cavitation? On a side note, my speedo is reading 122….lol Is there a way to reset or recalibrate that?



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    This has been solved by removing the grate and re-sealing it. I found in the manual how to change the units from KPH to MPH but for some reason it is not changing. I'll get it sorted sooner or later.

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    So you put a new SVHO intake grate and pump seal kit on an older SHO FX is what you're saying?

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    Once the ski "hooks up" its hooked. When I let off the gas its almost like a break has been applied. (I guess this is normal with these grates).
    Just a slight word of caution; if that grate feels like it's 'braking' your ski, you might want to be careful, because we have had some problems in the past with intake grates causing the ski to stuff or buck on the FZ platform and also the VXR. Please understand, I'm NOT saying that's going to happen on your FX, just making you aware that the intake grate is a very 'sensitive' area on some of these skis and some people have been hurt in the past:

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