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    Accessories questions re 2008 SHO Cruiser - vest, lines, bungie, anchor?

    Hi All,

    Hopefully this is the right sub forum - just got my first PWC and while I've had small boats most of my life, I didn't have a good feel for best solutions for lines, etc.

    The PWCs are going to be used exclusively on a lake (Smith Mountain Lake, VA) - I converted to using 6' bungie lines on my 20' boat a couple of years ago - they work very well in all but the roughest conditions. Figured I would try them with the PWCs, but wondered what others experiences have been?

    Same question wrt small anchor and anchor line? Is a small mushroom good enough? 1/4' line seems large enough and doesn't take up much space?

    Finally, I don't wanna put big bucks into safety vests, but do want something that is more comfortable and will stay in place better than a cheap ski vest ... any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your comments!

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    OK, then.

    moderator, please close this thread.


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