Went out and did some testing today and hooked up the rising rate to my regulator. Stock injectors, stock charger 8640 rpm WOT 83* air 68* water. Idle 12.6ish midrange about the same WOT 11.9-12.2. When I had it hooked up static 62 I would go into high 13's WOT. The rising rate def helped clean up the fueling under boost and ski ran its ass off and hit another 80.5 mph run in this heat and 4 bars fuel. I checked all plugs when I got back and all seem good (about 7hrs on plugs). The regulator is at 50psi at idle when under vacuum then I'm assuming it rises to about 62 when my boost gauge reads 0 at around 5500-6000rpm then for every pound of boost it raises 1:1 so I can imagine it gets up to 73 or more WOT. I am running a walbro pump so I'm sure it can handle this no problem. I know this is Yamaha way of tuning or "Stone Age" tuning but it works. Is there a way I can actually datalog this tune now that I got the fueling in check? I also have video footage of everything I can share. Click image for larger version. 

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