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    1100 zxi Ownership questions

    So I found a 1100 zxi online cheap. Talked to the "Owner" and found out that her roommate had left it on her property for the last 3 years and she has tried to contact him but the numbers have been disconnected.. He had to leave and help his father who was dying.. She tried calling him, the father and the friend that knew them both. The friend cannot even find out the location or number of the owner... It still has the registration numbers on the hull as well as the HIN plate. So its not stolen or anything.

    Apparently Flordia has a "Property Found" law unlike Georgia if someone leaves something on your property after like 90 days you can claim it as a abandoned vehicle and get it retitled. Flordia requires you turn it into the police, if you want to keep it you have to pay for storage fees, wrecker fees and even the time spent coming to get it... if you dont they can auction it off and keep the money.. (complete crap if you ask me, how is this not the same as stealing?)

    I spoke with someone at flordia DMV (very very rude lady) and tried to get information on the ski so I could try and track down the owner.. No help... "Private Records" cannot be shared.

    So lets say the lady is telling the truth and the guy really doesn't want it anymore. No way to contact him. Has anyone just bought a zxi hull and moved the vin plate over? Im sure this is frowned upon?

    giving it to the police to auction off really seems like a waste.. kinda at a loss here..

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    If you swap HIN plates, don't tell anyone unless you want to spend some time in jail. If you must do it, keep in mind that there are TWO HIN plates on it, one is hidden.

    Google is your friend when trying to locate someone. I'd go that route. Otherwise, I'd move on.

    If it has been sitting for 3 years, it's going to need some work to make sure it's reliable. Even more if it's been left outside. If it was a salt water 'Ski, forget it. Half the bolts will be frozen. If that were the case, I probably wouldn't take it for free.

    It would probably be more prudent to spend a little more and find something that doesn't have as many problems.

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