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    Fault code p-0123 * think it's fixed*

    Hi guys, after getting my engine back in it struggled to start and it ran with lumpy idle, it was haunting back and forth from 1400rpm - around 2200rpm. I got a "check engine "straight away on first turn over but I stupidly pulled the key and it erased the fault code and I couldn't get the code back so I tired starting the ski and it ran lumpy after struggling to start. Now today I came up "check engine " again so I pressed set 5 times and I got a fault code. I took a picture of it then thought I'll look into it later only to find out the photo I took was terrible and I can hardly make it out! I think it's p-0122 or P-0123.

    p-0122 is TPS out of range - short to ground
    p-0123 is TPS out of range - short to 12v or open circuit.

    Would this be a wiring fault or a bad TPS meaning I need to replace it?

    Ive uploaded a photo to see if any one can make the poor photo out. Lol

    thanks guys Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyone know how I would fix this problem, is it just a case of resetting the TPS to zero?


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    It is not a resetting issue. You either have a wiring issue or an issue with the TPS itself. Since you just installed the engine, I suspect you either do not have the connector seated properly, or even the wrong connector connected to the TPS sensor. Check that first, report back what color wires you see on the TPS connector, or even better take a photo.

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    Hi mate, thank for your reply to this thread.

    I never actually disconnected any sensor on the inlet manifold or throttle body, I just unbolted the inlet manifold and disconnected the gray plug on the harness then pulled the inlet manifold away from the head and layed it over the side of the ski with everything still connected.

    Here is a picture of the throttle position sensor plug.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I did notice before I pulled the engine that once warm it would start to idle quite high at around 2200-3000rpm. I had to blip the throttle and sometimes it would drop back down, it wasn't a sticky throttle body as I cleaned, lubed and checked it was fully closing all the time. but it was still doing it. So I just started to think it must be an idle control valve and I knew I was going to pull the engibe shortly so I didn't worry about it. It never idled rough it was perfect at cold and now and again once warm I'd have this problem. I'm not sure if it's related to the problem I have now with rough idle and a fault code coming up now and again p-0123. But I thought I better let you know just incase.

    Huge thanks for any help you can provide, I just want to get back on the water!

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    Any help please guys?


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    tested the wiring and sensor and they came back as fine. But once we unplugged the ecu connector that the TPS harness goes into we noticed that some of the pins had this green looking corrosion on them. Non of them pins where the TPS but we cleaned both the pins and the ecu plug itself and it now seems to be running fine!
    Hopefully that was all it was fingers crossed. ����
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a video of it now running :

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