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    Plastic pump housing swap

    I'm in the middle of switching from a plastic to aluminum pump housing on my 04 gtx. I guess I got on of the leftover 03 housings from factory. I removed impeller and the 2 snap rings on each side, removed the bolt, but the bearings are giving me hell. It came with 2 new seals I guess is what they are, but my dealer says to use my bearings from the plastic pump. Should I use a press to get these out? Or should I just order new bearings? Thanks in advance for any help

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    I would order a new bearing kit. I wouldn't want to rip it apart again because the bearing gets loaded wrong when pressing out.

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    On an 04, I would replace it...

    I think the bearing is actually different too...

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    the internals from a plastic pump will not swap over to an aluminum setup. Many new parts are required.

    Did you ever figure out if the impeller was from a 155 or 185 hp model? If you post some pics of the impeller, we could tell you. We need to see the trailing side of the impeller and a view from the side sitting on a flat surface.

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    Well I'm assuming it's from a 185. I ordered a new 13/20 from jerry for a 185. I'm getting really sick of my dealer. This is the third weekend I've missed because of waiting on parts from him. Now I'll have to order these parts for the new housing instead of ordering with them. One question I did have is on the new pump there is 2 threaded holes on it, where the old unit just has the tube on the top of the pump. Wasn't sure what to do with the threaded holes. I'll post pictures of both units this afternoon

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