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    Nitrous on a sport jet 120. Good or bad

    Hey guys I'm new to all this but I just bought a baja last with a sport jet 120xr. Looking for some performance upgrades. I wanna get this thing in the 50's. I've already tightens up the clearance in the pump. Now as thinking 60 shot of nos. any ideas? thanks in advance. Not sure if it matters but it's In a '94 hull. Brandon

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    Bad idea. It's $20+ every time I turn on my nitrous system.

    You'll need to know:
    -your EGT's
    -AF ratio
    -whether or not you can steal fuel from your fuel pump or if you need a seperate pump
    -how much power your rods/block can handle

    Then you'll need:
    -window switch
    -full throttle switch
    -fuel pressure switch
    -n2 pressure switch
    -purge switch
    -purge solenoid
    -fuel solenoid
    -n2 solenoid
    -fuel jet
    -n2 jet
    -all the lines
    -wideband AFR gauge

    Not so easy after all, to do it right. A ski would likely drain a bottle in just a few minutes. And your window switch, if set safely, would trip out as you reach redline. So if your redline is close to your top speed. Then n2 will have little effect on your top speed, making it all useless. Or risky.

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