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    Two Part-Numbers for this Part???

    Hi, does anybody know why there are two different part numbers for the temperature sensor in the muffler? the SeaDoo website's part finder indicates part 278001016 as the replacement, but the dealer and other parts stores also sell part 278002895 as the same thing. Are they really the same thing? or there is a reason for the different numbers, if so, whats is the difference?

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    In case anybody else is wondering. Seems like 278002895 is the newer version of the sensor, I dont know what changes. But 278001016 appears on the part finder on models older then 2014, 2015 models have the newer number. This matches with what the dealer tells me, they say that when they enter the older number in their system they get re-directed to the new number.

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    I just went through this over the past few days. I didn't want to post about it but it seems the number 1016 number is the older part number and the 2895 is the newer number. I see a lot of the aftermarket sensors on ebay say they replace the 1016 part number. I wasn't sure which one to buy and was afraid if I didn't get the oem one it might throw a code. So I ended up buying the oem 2895. The one's on ebay that replace the 1016 are only like 18 bucks.

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