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    2003 GP1300r EJK Controller Help

    Hey guys. I just purchased a EJK 6 position controller for my GP1300R. I don't have much done to it yet, mods are below, but the price was just too good for me to pass up when ill need it for future planned mods. Could anyone help with what settings I should be running based on my mods or a walkthrough on how to set it? Sorry, I'm a noob and its all greek to me right now.

    - Dplate
    - cat temp chip
    - premix 40:1
    - Free Flow Exhaust
    - GP1200R waterbox
    - Aftermarket Air Filter
    - Stock Impeller (want to get a 13/20 setback soon)
    - Compression 125lb even across all 3 cylinders

    Thanks for the input in advance!

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    Reinstall the GP1300r waterbox and remove the Free Flow Exhaust and reinstall the factory pieces. Those parts make a stock compression GP1300r slower than stock. You probably lost 5mph on the top end with those parts.

    Also, without any engine mods there's no need for the EJK. It's only needed with you mill the head, port the motor, etc. Plus, everyone uses the Riva tuner.

    The most important mod you should get is a quality tachometer. Without that, you have no idea what impeller to run. Then get a good intake grate depending on what water you ride (ocean = R&D GP1300r or inland = R&D GP1200r or R&D GP800r) and jim's ride plate. Purchase later model GP1300r (like 2006) pump shoe bolts and hull fittings because the 2003 isn't good the mounting brackets break. Spend time making sure the pump shoe is 3-4mm recessed in the hull. Don't forget the pump seal kit.

    Also on a 2003 you want to install waveeater clips on the powervalves, like right NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week. Now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prism View Post

    Thanks buddy, appreciate it

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