I know my prop is not dialed in to what I need, but might be somewhat close. I have seen and heard recommendations as follows…..Any forum insight is greatly appreciated !!!

- Solas Concord SRX CD 15/20
- Eric (Speed Freeks ) recommended (I think) the Solas Concord SRX CD 15/20 with setback mod and
leading edge re-pitched to around 12.5, 13 ???? Erik, forgive me if I am inaccurate.
- Riva now recommends a Skat-Trak SeaDoo 159MM SWIRL 15/18 Impellor
- I also want to know about a different pump nose cone or Lucky 13 Pump Nose Cone

- Also any input on changing sponsons and OPAS paddles, anything that might make the ski stay in the water in even the slightest chop.

This has probably been talked to death over the past few years, but I am soliciting a consolidated response from everyone with experience with this. (SEE SKI MODS BELOW)

The prop currently in the ski is an original Solas Concord 14/17 which was modified by Impros several years ago to a 14/20. I have taken 1.5 to 2mm out of the trailing edge last year. And eventually a little here and there so as of now I really have no idea what I have. In 2013, I had one solid run, results are as follows: 8/24/2013, Air 75, Water 77. Boost bouncing 14-15psi at 8500-8600 max rpm, FULL tank fuel……GPS Speed 75.9mph. Any sort of chop to the water and I am bouncing. Top end feels wickedly powerful. My initial comments though are that top end is more powerful than the hole shot. I have not seen RPM exceed a flat 8600, though I understand that the ECU is programmed to 8650. My hole shots though are terrible. A lot of cavitation out of the hole, even with the R&D Pump Seal, which did help a lot.

I took ski out this year for first time last weekend. Last year’s gas, plugs and no oil change yet. 5/03/2015, Air 72, Water 64. RPM’s pegged at 8600. Boost solid 15psi at 8600. GPS Max Speed 76.8mph.

2007 RXT, Current Mods 5/03/2015, 130hrs on motor:
- X Charger (2013 factory new, slip set to 15.5 ft lbs.
- Fizzle HE IC
- Riva Race ECU (RPM Limit 8650)
- Riva 50lb Injectors (2013, used)
- SuperTech springs, Titanium Retainers
- Cam timing adjustment (2013, cylinder compression went from 115-125 to 140-150)
- R&D Pump Seal
- 4” air intake
- R&D Grate (helped greatly with holding to water vs. Riva Grate)
- Riva Wedge, 2 degree
- Riva Free-Flow exhaust
- SS Wear Ring
- Filled Ride Plate Holes
- Solid Front Motor Mount
- OPAS Comp Kit (self-made. OPAS paddles still installed, just lifted to up position)
- R&D Engine Breather (No Catch Can)