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    Gpr gauge removal

    Can some tell me how to remove the gauges on my 01 GPR? I have the manual and it doesn't show my anything. Does the panels have to come off to gain access? Any help would be much appreciated. Been working on these skis for a long time but never had to deal with a gauge issue.

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    This is how I get it out of there...
    -Remove the left cowling. (4) allen head bolts... one by the glove box, 2 down by the foot well and 1 in the front bucket area
    -Grab the left cowling firmly with both hands and yank outwards. It will sound like you are breaking stuff but its okay
    -Next remove the bucket and there are (2) 10mm head nuts inside the hull that attach the big black center bezel to the hull. These are towards the front on both sides and are vertical.
    -Once the nuts are removed, you can now pry up the front of the big black center bezel enough to get a long 1/4 extension and 8mm or 5/16 deep socket in there. There are (2) 8mm (or 5/16) nuts that hold the cluster in via a bracket
    -Once those nuts are removed, you can reach in from the left side and remove the nuts and the bracket
    -Pull the cluster out but be aware of the wires. Identify the wires and unplug them one at a time until you have everything you need unplugged to remove the cluster.
    -Now you can fish the wires out thru the grommet one at a time. The big rubber grommet in the hull can be slid up and out to help get all the wires out

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    Very much appreciated!!!!

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