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    2015 color question

    Hello all, I've got a quick question about the '15 colors…I'm picking up my '15 vanilla this week, and am just wondering/hoping it's the same "white" as the '14 white/black model. Can anyone confirm this? On Doo's site the vanilla model doesn't look like a bright white, whereas the white 14's I've seen pics of look to be pretty bright.
    Please feel free to chime in, and yes I'm partially color blind lol

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    It is the same...

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    Thanks Tiny.
    I'll see it in person today

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    Brought 'er home today on my hitch hauler...the dealership didn't know what to think of that! Lol
    My other trailers were tied up with the rest of the fleet, so I did what I had to do. It's rated up to 500lbs, so no worries there, but I definitely had to keep an eye out on the width when changing lanes

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    LOL...nice! Congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q in Arizona View Post
    LOL...nice! Congrats!
    Thank you

    I plan on hooking it up to tune tomorrow, and hope to get some riding in before the storms hit.
    SHould make for a fun play ride, as well as occasional buoy chaser.

    Future plans are prop, handling parts, and graphics.

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