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    4" front intake install and rpms

    I installed a 4" intake using a r&d supercharger adapter, 4" kanaflex, and k&n filter. Fired it up on a house and it seemed to fluctuate rpms like crazy. Would go from 17-1800 and drop to 500 then pick back up. Haven't had a chance to ride yet but just thought this was strange

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    Maybe the ECU needs to Learn that it's getting more air now.

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    That's what I was wondering, if it adjust to keep it from running Lean

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    that's a classic sign of a bad idle air valve or a leak or a map sensor

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    Hm...I'm not too sure. If was fine before I did the intake. I fired it and it idled up then died. Fired again and idled good for about 5 seconds then slowly dropped down to almost 500 then picked back up to 1800 or so.

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    I think I fixed it, I followed the wires from the idle air control valve and found the harness disconnected up towards the front. I must have unplugged it when installed intake. Seemed to only fluctuate between 17-1800 after I plugged it back in

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    Enjoy, Makes a big difference over a stocker.

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