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    is it possible to change oil without the ski starting?

    Hey guys i got a question, i brought my ski into a yamaha dealer to get the 10 hour service, and they told me everything was ready to go except my battery is dead and they are charging it up. from my understanding they would of had to start the ski for about 10 min to warm the motor up to pull all the oil out before they did the oil change, how is it possible that they did the oil change with my dead battery? are they playing me for a fool?


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    truwrxtacy I'm not an expert but to my knowledge one of the reasons behind having the engine run is that warm oil is easier to extract but that does not mean they can't extract it from a cold engine. None the less the service manual does state to start the engine and warm it up for 6 minutes or more at engine idle speed. Maybe the shop had a rapid charger and they did start it up?

    Good luck!

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    All well equipped dealerships have jumper packs. Plus if they didn't start it, how did they know the battery was dead? It probably went something like this: mechanic tried to start the ski but the battery was dead. He then started it with a jump pack and ran it for a few minutes. He then changed the oil and restarted the ski to make sure the oil was full and had no issues with the oil change. It would have started because of the surface charge from the jump pack. He then moved the ski out of his bay and installed a normal battery charger to deep charge the battery for you. Sounds like the dealer did you a solid in my opinion. They would make more money trying to sell you a new battery than charging that one. Did you store it on a battery maintainer over the winter?

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    No i did disconnect the battery but i didn't put it on a battery maintainer, so they told me that my battery is bad now, failed the load test? I'm trying to see if i should attempt to have this battery last this season before i replace it next season since they're so damn expensive

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    When batteries are fully drained and hooked up, partially charged or just left for a long time to sit, they lose their reserve capacity due to battery cell sulfation. In my experience, batteries that are maintained well have a life expectancy of about 5-7 years before they lose reserve capacity. That's being used often and maintained on a battery tender in the off season. Without any maintenance or much use, after 2 years they're pretty much done. Some battery maintainers have a "desulfate" mode, but batteries that are too far gone cannot be recovered.

    Reserve capacity is the ability of the battery to perform work over a period of time. That time becomes shorter and shorter because of sulfation. It can become short enough that you could start your ski normally, turn it off for a second, go to restart and it will crank slow and may not start at all.

    For comparison, a new battery could crank your ski for let's say 30 minutes continuously before it loses power, that same battery nearly fully sulfated would only be able to crank for about 10 seconds before the power drops off. If it truly is fully sulfated, you could charge it for days and it won't come back. The load test the dealer was speaking of simulates cranking or "loading" the battery and it's ability to recover.

    If you decide to put it off till next season, make sure you store jumper cables in your bucket in case you need them.

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    well they started it dry docked and it started right up, i know it'll be different in the water as it'll have to power up the pumps and might not have enough power, the dealer said i should notice when it starts to go bad and replace it then, they recommend me trying to use it through the season.

    so if it fails the load test, its not fixable right? needs to be replaced?
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    As explained, the battery has started to sulfate. In plain terms, consider the plates like a sponge with open pores to store and release power. Sulfating plugs up these pores and there is less space or area to store and release power. That's why it failed a load test. These pores are starting to get plugged up. As mentioned, some chargers do have a desulfate mode to help open up some of the pores but they can't bring it back to 100%. So is it totally You could help it out a little with a charger with a desulfate mode but eventually, there will come a day when it won't turn over the starter fast enough to start the engine. The mechanic should have been able to see how long it provided the proper voltage with a set amp draw on the battery. This would tell you if you could chance the season. Thay apparently recommended giving it a try. I don't like to play around miles away from help. Your choice.

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