I have a problem, my gauges are set to spanish (I will get that changed next time its scanned) but Im thinking my readings must be very similar to what you guys get in english, so maybe someone can give me an idea what the message Im getting means. This is the story

Im doing all the services for my craft, so I haven't got this scanned after I did the last service and every time I put the key in Im getting a message that reads "MANTE" which is for maintenance, so I just ignore that, thats ok right?.

I recently got an over heating code P1544, so I cleaned the exhaust and changed the sensor, but putting all back together I forgot to connect the sensor and when I fired the engine up I got a code P0546 which is for that sensor. I re-connected the sensor but Now when I put the key in I get the usual MANTE message and after that I get a new message that reads CAPT, then they clear and it looks normal, no loud beeps nor codes...

Anybody has an idea what this could mean? could it be its telling me I got those codes I already know about? could it be new codes or other problems?