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    driveshaft damper in pieces?

    pulled my driveshaft today to install a new accordion boot and carbon seal setup on my 2006 rxp, found out that the rubber damper thing on the end of the driveschaft is almost complely gone?

    see pic its a new one vs whats left of mine

    what could have caused this? ski has a solas 15/20 prop, mayby i have to much play on the driveshaft because of this prop?

    mayby the accordion boot was not putting enouch pressure on the schaft to hold it down in the pto seal? pto seal was losing a littelebit of oil

    enyone know what the normal play is on the driveshaft when installed?

    schould i claen the pto housing to get the rubber parts out of it?

    thanks, joeri
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    I seen guys put a socket between the prop and the drive shaft
    to get at the c clip and it squishes the crap out of the bumper
    also a loose prop gives that thing a work out

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    Stick your finger in there and get it out I didn't read that was the new one. Watch out you dont get your finger stick you could be in there all night.LOL

    It just slides into the pto no big deal they are that way most the time you pull the drive line. The trick is not to forget to fish it out and ad another but yours is already out and that is all of it so you are good to go with just putting a new one on your
    drive line.
    It can't get in the mag cover so no worries. The dive line end play is in the manual but everyone has a different opinion mine is just shy of 3/8 and every ski I have checked is about the same. To tight isn't good I think that is why some loose the main and thrust bearings on there blocks.

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    You will need to take off the bearing assembly off the PTO if you havent already in order to get to it. Just be careful not to dig in there too much! Just use long needle nose and carefully pull it out. There is a plastic insert in there where that boot rests in and is slit so looks like fingers. Break it apart and you will be pulling the motor and PTO coupler to replace it. Ask me how I know.... Not fun!

    I am on my 3rd boot. I aligned the engine today which was about 1/4 inch off, so we will see if that helps. Not sure what is causing them to get damaged. I did a few test fits with just the drive shaft and pump bolted in and the drive shaft is floating and can slide back n forth about 1/2 inch. However it seems air pressure is created when the drive shaft slides into the impeller causing forward force on the drive shaft. Maybe this is the problem? Maybe the O ring in the impeller should be removed to allow the air to be released? But then I would think water would be forced into the impeller splines and push the drive shaft forward even more.

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