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    Question about tunes

    I can only see the following tunes on MyMaptuner for my spark. Is this the same list everyone else sees? Also, which of these is the 402 tune I hear about?- I don't see it on my list

    Does anyone know a summary of these?

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    The 402 has been renamed ... Down load them and keep the one that feels the best ...

    i have tuned many Sparks and the latest don't show the 402 ..

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    Thanks Slasher.

    Anyone know of an alternative to using E85 for the E85 tunes? Can I run higher octane instead? I can't find E85 in my area.

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    No there is no alternative for e85. E85 has less stored energy per gallon the gasoline. You could run the race gas tune with higher octane race fuel

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