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    1100ZXI gauges don't work

    None of the gauges work. I hear a beep when I turn the switch on, but none of the gauges work.
    No fuel level, oil pressure or temp lights. Nothing. The trim doesn't work either.
    I can't feel a loose plug and can't reach in to be sure I have checked all of them.

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    Welcome aboard, Ray!

    You don't have an oil pressure gauge, you have an oil level gauge. Aside from that, the Kawasaki electrical plugs are known to get water in them and corrode. Pull each one apart and clean the contacts, then make sure to plug them back together firmly. This might help, but you may have other issues. Since several things that don't work, it sounds like you may have a bad ground connection.

    Does it start?

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    Thank you
    It starts and runs fine. When I turn the key there is the sound of a motor running briefly. About .5 second. None of the gauges move. Ever.

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    One other thing. The trim is stuck in full down. I need to at least raise it to neutral.

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    just had a look at the wiring diagram, there appears to be a separate earth for the trim control module, so I'd start there

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    I am looking at the wiring diagram now. Do you hava a link for a better copy?
    Where is the ground? I only see tow on the schematic. Mag and starter.

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    sorry my copy is terrible, I took a photo of a friends book!
    Just follow the wires from the the battery terminal, there will be one larger wire that should go to the engine (if it always starts, ignore this one, its ok), and somewhere the will be one or 2 smaller earth wires, coming off the electrical box or the engine, they are the ones you are interested in

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    Thank you. I will look.
    I bought the shop manual on line, but it is very vague and omits many things.

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