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    Rev Limiter

    Hey guys, long time since I have posted. I have a 2007 RXT with xcharger upgrade and 42mm injectors, 3.5 Degree wedge, stock I/C. I just installed thru-hull exhaust and took her out for the first time of the season in 61 Degree water. I'm running 73MPH (speedo) not GPS @ 8140RPM. Anyone know what the stock setting is for the rev limiter on these ski's? I'm running the stock prop but I'm not sure if I should address the prop before I go ahead and take a look at an aftermarket intake. I would imagine an aftermarket intake will give me another 50-150RPM. Is that gonna put me over the top and have me whacking the limiter or should I do a 14/19 before thinking of anything else?

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    Soft limit starts at 8000, hard limit is 8200. Your 8140 is about perfect and you should pitch to keep it there.

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    Even tho I ran a 4inch intake myself when my ski was bone stock and 70 hard hours of 8180-8200rpm on a stock prop "yes I was a fool" after seeing how lean the ski runs stock its hard to recommend someone lean the ski out more than it already is from the factory . Its you're ski

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    If I'm not mistaking, 07 hard limiter is 8300..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoman View Post
    If I'm not mistaking, 07 hard limiter is 8300..
    06's were.

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