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    stage 1,rxp-x,impeller and nozzle with 83 ring and drop down rpm and mph.

    What's up with that. New wear ring, stage 1 kit for the rxp-x 255 with is impeller, nozzle with 83 ring and the wedge with ext rod and now only getting 7450 rpm and 63 to 65 mph. I was at 70 mph and 8000rpm
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    After. Waiting for dark I looked in at my impeller and seen burn marks on my blade, why is this, the clearness was perfect. So is my wear ring fucked now. And would my new impeller be fucked to. I was wondering why I was smelling plactic when I started her up. To get the antifreeze out of her. So is this my rpm problem and mph or is it to do with the pitch.

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    What pitch is the impeller?

    I did this once also and ruined a brand new wear ring in just a few seconds! Since then, I NEVER start the ski with a brand new wear ring or impeller on the trailer and make sure it is in the water. This puts an equal load on the impeller. I bet your wear ring is unevenly worn……… and yes this will cause your symptoms.

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    It's the one from the stage one kit, I'm thinking it a 15/22. And this starting. In the water should be tood on these wear ring boxes. I just burned $80. Man I can't win. Thanks for the info. I will make sure this don't happen to anyone else.

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