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    2011 Yamaha VXR hull repair or touch up with paint????

    Hi Guys

    Yesterday while mooring up to a jetty my ski bumped into a wooden pole not very hard but hard enought to chip about the size of a little finger nail into the side of my hull. The damage is not too bad but just annoying to look at as my ski is silver and the mark is black. It has managed to find its way down to the fibre glass but not very deep at all about 2mm deep. my question is, how should i go about fixing this? should i just match up the paint and touch it up? or would it need to be filled, sanded and repainted etc? also i know the nanoxcell hull requires a different process for repairing even though damage is small will i need to take anything into consideration?


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    Rough up the area with a round Dremel bit, mix SMC resin, add small piece of glass mat, let dry, sand, paint, ride.

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    Go to this website Spectrum they have patch kits for this situation.

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