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    Ultra 300X rpm Problem...


    I have a Problem since 2-4 Weeks. If the Engine is Cold and start, idle is normal at 1.250-1.400 rpm. If i ride a Day and the Engine is Hot and i Start on the Trailer to spray out the Water the Engine is running 2.200 rpm at idle....

    What is the Problem here ?

    Thanks in Advance

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    When running it cold, is it on the trailer still or in the water?

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    Cold on Trailer 1250-1400 rpm, warm in Water also 1250 rpm. Warm/hot on Trailer After Riding 2.200 and if you hit the Throttle Lever, to blow out the Water from the Exhaust than the Supercharger Sounds not normal....

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    When you give a little gas with the throttle on the trailer when warm it should come down to 1300-1400 rpms, ECU is reading and adjusting the throttle for idle,should come down to normal mine I notice does this..

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    This "Problem" is sice 3-4 Weeks.... And i notice a not normal Sound from the Supercharger, if i blow out all Water after Riding. SO i can do a Video next Weekend.... But the Ski hast Full Power, no loos of Power..... And if i ride...everything Sound normal....

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