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    93 SPI 587 not getting fire to plugs

    Greetings Sea Doo friends:

    I have had such good luck fixing my ski with your advice, I was hoping you could help me with a problem my father in law is having with his.

    He has a 1993 SPI 587. This ski has been super reliable and has never given a minute of trouble. Last summer, while riding across the lake it just suddenly turned off. The engine will turn over, but the plugs are not getting any fire.

    Does anyone have an idea of the best place to start with troubleshooting? We have been told that this problem could be the "stator" but we are unsure of where/what this part is.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    On the old 587 skis the first place I would check is the rev limiter wire from the MPEM. They go bad and keep the coil grounded out. If I remember correctly it's black with yellow stripe and tied in with the coil wire.

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    Griffith I got your PM, how about we do this the right way and get you the shop service manual for that ski so you can study up on ignition system components and troubleshooting and then ask specific questions as it relates to your issue.

    Send me an email with a manual request and introduce yourself and ski (make, model and year) and I'll forward that on to you, and when you've read all the troubleshooting and testing procedures and have questions I'll be happy to help you from there.

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    I actually HAVE been reading what I think/hope is the correct manual. I downloaded the 1993 manual from I have tried to use the electrical section to figure it out, but I am confused.

    I see troubleshooting procedures for the starter and battery but not general ignition. As I have read about the various ohm readings I am confused about where to even start. The manual does not read as clearly as my 96 manual about which engine they are describing. I don't know whether it a single coil or double coil etc...

    We are genuinely just not sure where to begin with the troubleshooting. Could you point to a page in the manual?

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    Section 7 electrical, subsection 6 covers all the ignition and charging system components. You need to test the magneto, ignition coil and MPEM as you read the testing procedures there's an option for using the shop tools or a common multimeter. You'll need to use the procedures for a multimeter to test everything.

    The RPM limiter on the MPEM is a common failure on those as previously mentioned, if you remove that wire from the coil and ignition is restored your module is bad.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the advice! We will try those things and let you know.

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