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Thread: 00 gtx rfi

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    00 gtx rfi

    Pump slips on coming out of hole. Changed prop and serviced pump and new wear ring. still happens. what else is there?

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    Did you check the impeller/wear ring clearance after you installed the new wear ring? The O.D. of the impeller can wear also. Does the impeller have "burn" marks in the middle of the blade faces on the drive shaft side of the blade? This indicates an air leak in the pump and can cause cavitation on take off. If that's the case you may have to remove and reseal the pump shoe.

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    Any chance you left out or mangled the rubber pump seal? Any chance it's getting air from the carbon ring? I seriously doubt that it's the pump shoe...

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    If impeller is in good shape AND the clearance is not too much, then it's sucking air in somewhere. I always use a bead of the cheap clear silicone to seal up a pump.

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