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    SVHO Intake grate - Stock Top Loader reducing top speed?

    I don't modify my skis much anymore but used to years ago. Top loading intake grates used to be great for keeping the pump stuffed out in the surf and rough stuff, but usually was detrimental to smooth water top-end speed. Is this the case with the new style top loading grates the SVHO skis are shipping with?

    Just curious if anyone has tried an "old style" grate (if it is even the same bolt pattern).

    - Chris

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    The old style stock grates are known for bucking and a lot of FZ owners here change them out immediately for a top loader style. So you probably won't find too many people here who would put the more dangerous grate on. I bet it would be a hair faster though.

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    Not same bolt pattern and people do pick up speed going to the aquavein grate for the SVHO's...from what I've heard...

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    Thanks - just wondering.

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