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    Money Talks: 2015 Sea-Doo GTI 130

    “Hey, want to know how to make a small fortune by buying a boat?” the old deadpan joke begins. “Start with a big fortune!” While this was probably some sidesplitting stuff back when Coca-Cola still had cocaine in it, there’s the familiar stigma that still rings true: boats (and thereby personal watercraft), are an expensive, superfluous purchase. We’ve even joked that a motorcycle could be justified as a way to cut fuel costs or shave precious minutes commuting. But a PWC? Nope. It’s a toy.

    And while people will always want toys, the extravagance of purchasing a new watercraft makes wringing the most value from one’s dollar all that more important. Highlighting what features improve the ride, comfort, use and overall experience are necessary to elevate one brand or unit above the others. Sea-Doo of course, rocked the entry-level price point with the introduction of the Spark late last year. And while the lightweight Rec Lite unit is a fantastic entry point for many (so much so that it earned The Watercraft Journal’s 2014 Watercraft of The Year award), it doesn’t fit every need.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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