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    2000 GP1200R Sticky Throttle, Running rich after installing F/A and rejet

    So after running the ski this weekend after doing the carb rebuild, rejet, new reeds, and prok flame arrestors, I am getting a sticky throttle after running the ski for about 45min to an hour. I am planning on trying a throttle return spring first, but I have heard/read I need to pull the carbs again and I want to avoid that until winter if possible. I also took a look at the plugs and it is running pretty rich (I can also smell how rich it has been running when I get off the ski and anchor it up off the beach) I installed t-handles on the carbs when I rebuilt them and tuned them to Oside bills instructions per my setup. I turned them all the way in (clockwise) until I couldnt turn them anymore and then turned them counterclockwise (1 turn out or one "hour on the clock" on lows and 1.5 turns out on the highs) Ski runs great but seems just a little on the rich side. (used probably 7gals of gas in about 2-3hours of riding. Also wondering if it is cooling itself well enough, I didnt really pay attention but Im worried that its not pissing out the sides as well as it should be. is there a water pump on the ski or does it just pump water to cool it from pressure while riding?

    Oh and a mods list
    40:1 premix oil pump blockoff
    Waveeater clips
    Chokes removed, primer kit installed
    ProK F/A's 125 main jets 110 primer jets 95g springs 42psi popoff all around
    Stepped Sponsons

    Also looking into a new intake grate still at a toss up, should I get a 1200 r&d grate or an 800? and do i need to do a pump tunnel reinforcement and stuff the pump shoe? What about the ride plate? is there some mod i can do to the stock one? any other mods i can do to the ski to boost top end performance? I didnt gps my ski this weekend, but raced some guy on a newer 4stroke ski (Im pretty new to skis I think it was a SeaDoo but dont really know) and walked away from it so I think im well into 60+mph on this 15year old 2stroke.

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    Sounds like the jetting specs are right. Have a look at these. also have a look here, and here,
    These were all found in the FAQ/How to section under the "stickys." As for the other stuff like grate and depends on how you want to set up your ski. Ultimate speed comes at the price of rough water handling and speed. For top speed more hull needs to be out of the water and for rough conditions you want the hull "hooked up" to the water. Read through the sticky sections of this forum and the FAQ section and you will learn the possibilities as most everything has been covered...especially if you use the search function for answers. Any questions, feel free to ask here. Hope it helps, and have fun.
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