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    2012 GTI flush cap came loose

    I was getting my ski ready to get put in the water, had the hose hooked up to the flush cap and when I went to unscrew it, the whole flush assembly spun loose. I used a 3/8" drive and start to tighten it back, and it felt like it grabbed again and tightened down. My question is, how tight should I crank it down, and should I use some silicon sealant just as a CYA thing? Or should I do all the B.S. of taking the water box out and all that? I saw a few other posts on this but no one ever gave an actual answer. Thanks

    Oh, and the parts diagrams don't help

  2. #2 wasn't tight enough....took the waterbox out and now just need to find a friend with long arms to help me out

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