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Thread: Add mods or no?

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    Add mods or no?

    Do you guys recommend adding any mods ? Only reason I ask is I'm mainly using this ski for tow sports and recreational fun. I've had a supercharged ski before and even tho it's a blast, I choose to go this route with the GTI SE 155.

    I'm not to good at fixing machines so I don't want a voided warranty, but if I do slight mods and something does break, is this non-supercharged machine a pain to fix anything? Or is it relatively cheap. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks 🏻

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    That's like asking if you should have sex

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    No on the mods or no it's not hard to fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Branden View Post
    That's like asking if you should have sex
    lol. But I don't wanna chance getting STD's... Har har har #jokesfordays

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    You could do some handling mods but leave the mechanicals alone. They go well standard.

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