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    Another primer question

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking to get a primer system for my 2000 gp800.
    What is the best value with the best instructions out there?

    I plan on leaving my oil injection unit installed. (If it matters). Also if possible, I would prefer to leave my choke in tact.

    Any links, diy and pointers are appreciated.


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    Can anyone give me a link to a good quality primer kit?
    also, anyone have pictures and instructions of installing one of these?

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    I'd suggest properly setting up your carbs so the engine starts with a choke.

    Primer kits in my view are hack shortcuts that often lead to unexpected problems ( like fire, or engine seizure from air leaks in the fuel system)

    The only exception are race engines.

    if the engine is hard starting, get to the bottom of it, and if you cannot, go with a small squirt bottle with some premix in it to get the engine started up when needed

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