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    2004 RXP SUPERCHARER ?'s

    Hello there,
    I wanted to know what superchargers are compatible with a 2004 RXP s/c (supercharger)?
    I ASK this b/c I see there are several options/part #'s out there and its confusing me.....
    For example there are some s/c for sale from a 185 hp with no intercooler GTX MODEL. Can you use those in the RXP and what is the differences?
    I did notice different part #'s for the RXP s/c vs. a 2004 GTX s/c with no intercooler on it. However it still does not tell me if they are compatible and what the differences are please advise me?
    Also Where is the classifieds store on this site?
    I tried to find it and could not please advise me?
    I looking to buy a s/c for a 2004 rxp?
    Thanks for your help in this matter.

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    I wouldn't run a 185hp SC on an RXP. I think the gear on the shaft is different but even if it fits, why would you down grade? I would stick with a 215 spec SC at the least. X charger is also an option but requires supporting mods to get the most out of it.

    Didn't your motor crap it self?

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    Still trying to figure the motor out so far looks good but was too tired to finish disassembling it. So will find out soon however I can't find a s/c for sale only the 185's....
    Where is the classifieds store on here?
    Do you know where is the best place to get a s/c what sites/links?

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    There sold in the "performance parts store" at the top of this screen. Why do you need a new charger? Unless the wheel had touch down, you can rebuild these S/c's. Pending where you live, send it to Jerry for a rebuild. Half the price of a replacement.

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    1st off thanks or someone giving me a final direct answer....
    2ndly take a look at my pictures I posted of my s/c & you will see why u need a new one.
    If I don't tell me b/c I wanted to reuse the old one but everyone told me I needed new one so let me know please?

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    Need the pic!

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    He is referring his other posting with all the pics I believe.

    Quote Originally Posted by RXPJAY View Post
    Need the pic!

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    I pulled up both part #s & looked at then side by side & still could not figure out the differnce(s). There is differences between the 185 Hp s/c & the 215 someone must know on here.....?
    What I want to know is if I could change/convert the 185 s/c with the rebuil kit?
    Has anyone attempted this?
    If it can't work please let me know why?

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    His charger is trashed. He just needs a good used 215 supercharger and turn by turn directions on how to purchase a good used 215 supercharger. Maybe even call Siri or Tom Tom.

    Go here and post WTB Good used 215 Supercharger

    or buy a brand new one

    Also why in the hell would you want to go from a 215 to a 185 hp supercharger? That makes zero since. The difference is the tooth count on the gear. That's it. Plus 185 hp skis do not have a intercooler. Yours does.

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    Did you guys not read what I typed.....
    i said I was wanting to get a 185 & change outs guts (rebuked kit) & hopefully after it wa changed out then I would have th same s/c correct?
    The reason: b/c they are for sale decent price can't find a 215 for sale that is not damaged.

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