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    mini rude for rxt

    Hi all
    I've made some changes to my rxt 215 the list follows.
    X charger with et cooler
    Titanium retainers
    Wsm 0.5 over size pistons
    14/19 solas impeller
    Custom v-tech tune 8650.

    It pulls awesome now. Only been out in choppy water and I think I'm on the limiter at 8650.
    Will look at a 15/20 possibly.

    Wanted to know if I change to a mini rude wheel and add 48's will I need to alter my tune at all. Maybe just base fuel pressure. Would I get much more out of it. I think at 8500 I would be close to 13 psi. I haven't been able to read my gauge at wot yet having too much fun.

    What's your thoughts

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    Check what injectors that can be used for the v tech tunes ... I think u may have to go 60 ...

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    IMO a boost gauge is useless. When you're going fast enough to see it go into boost you need to be looking ahead. Stick with the X-SC.

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