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    Steering question.

    Hi guys hopefully yous can help me with this.

    Ive just replaced the 2 plastic nuts for the steering and reverse to aluminum ones.
    Now on the steering I noticed that the 2 plastic collars and rubber O-ring where on the wrong way around! Basically when I took the plastic nut off the rubber O-ring was jammed inside it and the 2 plastic collars where on the wrong way! So I've now put the rubber O-ring on first, then I've fitted the 2 plastic collars with the collar end ( the bits that sit in the grove) closest to the rear of the ski ( as shown in diagram ).
    And then I installed the aluminum nut.

    Then as soon as I put the pump back on I noticed the steering was no where near centre! The handlebars where off to the right direction! So I ended up screwing the adjustable arm all the way in as far as it will go and the steering is still off center with handle bars off to the right! Any idea on what could of happened here, could it be a factory mistake or something the previous owner has done?

    i don't want to put it back to the way it was before I took it apart as I know that was the wrong way going off the diagram.

    is there another place I can just it from to get the steering centre?

    Here is a picture of the diagram and my ski with the nossle stright and the handle bars off to the right.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jamie, there is an adjuster under the steering too, right under handlebars. Go in from front storage, it's the other end of the steering cable. Maybe last owner needed to wind that up to compensate for wrong fitting at the back. There is a procedure for aligning steering. Measure distance from handlebar tip to top of footwell and turn steering until both sides measure the same. This means you handles are 90 degrees to ski ie, straight ahead. Then put a straight edge across the nozzel, where the jet comes out and adjust until straight edge is equidistant from the transom (back wall of hull). You want to have half of adjustment at the rear and half at the front. Right now you have 100% at the back and god knows what at the front.

    Great job on replacing plastic nuts, they can sink you real quick when they let go, and they do!!!

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    That is the Best explanation I've ever had! Lol

    mate thats perfect and well understood! Thanks for taking the time to wright and explain, I know exactly what to do now thank you very much!

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