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    2009 - 2013 iS machines... Which years were bad/worse?

    I'm looking for a 255/260 machine with iS.

    What year(s) should I stay away from?

    Did some years have serious issues compared to others?

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    2009-2011 had the pump bolted to the rideplate instead of the hull. Those years also seemed to have driveshaft issues.

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    I have a 2009 seadoo rxt255is for sale. I have had all issued for this ski fixed and everything. I have the newest most updated intercooler Gen4, and a brand new throttle body. I just had a riva free flow exhaust installed. Ski is in mint condition. Has 124 hrs on it. Looking to get $8000 for the ski. Trailer included. Triton wave trailer

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    Have had an ibr issue with mine, but otherwise, it's been a strong running ski just north of 100 hours.
    It's a 2009.

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    For the most part, I find that with any new innovations BRP introduces, it takes approximately up to 4 years before all the (potential) issues are worked out. After that, its super reliable. My impression.

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    aS has less to go wrong with regards to suspension components. I chose aS over iS because of this and love my ski. Just be warned, if you like to wrench a lot, even the simplest of things needs the top deck lifting or even removing (a ROYAL PITA) - I've removed the top deck maybe four or five times and each time I swear it's the last. However, once you ride a suspension ski you quickly forget the shop pain.

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    I have both 2010/11 RXTX 260RS and 2010 GTX limited 260IS ...

    tx much easier to work on and IS. Pita to work on but great ride in chop...

    both had drive shaft issue and both ibr ... Both sorted and been great since ..

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    I'd stick with the latest models. Seadoo seems to have a pattern of coming out with something new, doing a few oops and then getting it all sorted out.

    The problem will be ( and come back to this thread in a couple of years to confirm) that the parts for the early models will be discontinued and they will pretty much force you to replace a whole bunch of perfectly good stuff to get the system working again.

    I was a little surprised to see the change in jetpump setup ( rideplate mounting instead of hull ) and then back to hull mounting with much smaller hardware, which down the road will be far more prone to trouble.

    of course pulling that deck is a huge moneymaker for a shop..and uber painful for the rest.

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