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    99 Yamaha Waverunner XL1200 sensor issue

    Does anybody know how to test for a water temp. sensor or how test for a w.temp code? As soon as I try to start the PWC it rolls over a couple times (without starting) and gives the beep with code "W.TEMP" on display? Any ideas?

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    Bro I just had the same faulty sensor was the one before the coupling to the waterbox .I used a 10k resistor and it fired right up so it was the sensor reading wrong

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    Measure the sensor w/ a multimeter. Even the give away harbor freight digital meters would suffice. Assuming the 99 XLL has the same sensor as mine, at 32F the sensor should read between 24k-37k ohms, @ 212F 0.87k -1.18k. The resistance curve is fairly linear, so you could figure out what the resistance should be when it's sitting outside (70F or whatever). Those specs are found in the service manual.

    As was mentioned above, 10k resistance puts you at the colder end of that range, but would work.

    You could also have a connection problem as you'll get the temperature error when the sensor is unplugged.

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    The proper resistor (like the chip you buy) can be found online or at radio shack. It's a 1/4 watt 1K ohm (1000 ohms) resistor. It just gets installed in place of the sensor. It tells the ECU the engine and exhaust are warmed up and operating as intended.

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