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    Vx110 Cooling hose ????

    Last season my starter went to crap, it was corroded bad. While changing the starter most of my hose clamps happened to be rusted as well. so Noobie me i just started pulling hoses off.. Well im back to puting everything back together and can not figure out where one hose goes. The hose that i cant seem to find a connection to is the hose that comes off the flush kit that turns into a y connector goes across to the stbd side of the ski then has a T connection which is connected, and the next 2 hoses go under the engine this is where im lost. ive match everything i can up to google images. i cant seem to find anything at this site for replacement hoses or connections (

    Would anyone know what they need to be connected to?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	358816 this is the start of the hose.

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    I probably would not have put this here bud, better off under the "performance" section where it will get seen.

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    I helped him find where the hose went. There is a port right behind the Exhaust manifold. We had to pull it off again to get the hose on. PITA.

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    Took 1 hour to install everything and hoses. Just need to torque bolts

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    Reviving this because is related. I have a 2013 VX for which I am replacing all the hose clamps for others in SS. That one under the exhaust manifold really is a PITA. It is 100% necessary to remove the exhaust manifold?
    Isn't there another proven way to do it?
    Then if I remove the exhaust manifold, do I need a new gasket or the old one can be reused? I know it's cheap, but doesn't want to go and buy one.

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