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    DIY LOF voids warranty?

    Got 26hrs on my 14. Book says 50hrs or 1year to do the oil change. Closest dealer says $200 to change the oil. I call bs. If I do it my self, will it void the warranty? keeping receipts ofcourse.
    More than capable of handling such task...
    Well ...soon as SnapOn brings my fluid extractor.

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    No it will not void the warranty. That would be illegal, but I highly suggest you keep a logbook of everything you do with receipts, labels and dates and hours. Just remember if you end up in arbitration you will need to provide proof and documentation.

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    In Australia all non dealer work = no warranty receipts or not

    I had a loom problem nothing to do with any oil change or crap no service by dealer = no warranty
    contacted the government people waste of time = still no warranty maybe different in the USA land of the free

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    It will not void your warranty. You can do the oil changes our self. Magnuson-Moss Act Law says they can't void the warranty. Look what just happened to BMW's Mini Division with the Federal Trade Commission trying to pull that BS .
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