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    2015 RIDE equipped FX Cruisers - Do the 2012-1014 Yamaha covers fit ??

    Can't seem to find a part number on Yamaha site, RIDE handlebars are supposedly wider by an inch -vs- 2012 through 2014 models.

    Anybody using an OEM cover on a 2015 ??

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    Update - Dealer said old covers won't fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamjcl View Post
    Update - Dealer said old covers won't fit.
    How did the dealer confirm this? We just picked up a new '15 FXC SHO (traded in a '12 SHO) and bought a new cover. At first, I couldn't find a '15 part number for the cover, but the parts guy found a catalog that listed the same part # for the '12-'14 as the '15. We haven't test fitted it yet, as this was two days ago, but I will report back once we try it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamjcl View Post
    Update - Dealer said old covers won't fit.
    Don't see why not. It's the same identical ski and the ride controls on the left side only wont come in the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamjcl View Post
    Update - Dealer said old covers won't fit.
    of course they did. if they said otherwise they wouldnt have been able to sell you a cover.

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    Update: Test fitted the new cover, and outside of being a little tight around the handlebars, it fit perfect. I'm thinking the tightness around the handlebars might just be because it's a new cover, but it certainly isn't so tight that I worry about ripping it. I'd say the dealer may be guessing on this one.

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    Thanks for the info. I needed the covers anyway since I sold old ones with old skis so it isn't a case of dealer trying to sell me something. I suspected they might fit. They are supposed to come in tomorrow so if there is a unique part number I'll post it.

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    Got the new covers - same part number, but tag now says 12-15 and also specifically says SVHO. As TN_3 mentions, seems a little tight at handlebars but its ok.

    I was buying new covers anyway so dealer didn't "sell me something I didn't need" - just didn't want to assume old ones fit (same price either way).

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    Yep they are a little tight but I think also that its because its new. How much did they get you for the cover?

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