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    STXR Exhaust Fitting!?! what is this for???

    What is this exhaust fitting for? It seems to just be capped? I don't have the part but Kawi part #11012-3757 calls the part attached to it, that I don't seem to have, a "cap".

    Can I just cap it off?

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    That, my friend, is the flush fitting. Run it a few minutes without the cap and you'll flood the 'Ski.

    The fitting is designed so you can slide a 5/8" ID garden hose over it to flush it. I really don't like the design because the rubber cap can fail and it requires a tool to remove/install it.

    I ended up putting a quick coupling on it with a plug, using the following parts:

    You'll need two of the male coupling parts, put a hose fitting on one, put a cap on the other. I used a 3/8" hose and fastened it with 5/8" Oetiker clamps. I also used a 1/4" street elbo to attach the female fitting to the exhaust.

    One of these days I'll post pics, it's a simple and great mod.

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    aaaah ok that makes sense! awesome thanks for the suggestion, and part numbers for the mod, makes my life simple.

    I wasn't sure how they ran it on the hose so I just connected a garden hose to the hose that runs from the pump to the cooling manifold, I figured that's how it gets water when in operation so it must work.

    Here is another question:

    While on the hose, I noticed that water was coming from under the ski and not the exhaust or pissers. Mind you that this was when I had the feed from the pump to the manifold connected to the garden hose going directly to the manifold. When i climbed under water was exiting a fitting that I had previously not noticed. I thought it was just a bolt. Anyway I guess I don't fully understand the cooling system, I thought that the hose going to the exhaust (not the flush fitting) was a feed TO the exhaust? If it is exiting the ski in the back it must be FROM the exhaust.

    Does the water flow go from the exhaust out overboard at this fitting? I don't know why it wouldn't just exit the exhaust like the rest of the water does? what am I missing here?

    here is a pic, the lower left hose is the bleed off the pump to feed the cooling manifold, this is where i disconnected it and attached a garden hose to feed the manifold. The two upper hoses are exits for the 2 cylinder cooling fittings on the head which I have capped off in the ski to instead run the triple pisser set up. now the top left fitting that just looks like the threads of a bolt with a nut and washer on it is what I am questioning. This I believed fed the exhaust? but looks like I'm wrong or I've hooked something up backwards.

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    I don't remember which hose does what, I'd just have to trace them out.

    There should be two hoses coming from the middle and rear cylinder heads that go out the back. The exhaust is also water cooled, so you'll get water there, as well.

    Do a search for the 'Triple Pisser Mod', which moves the two rear outlets up front where you can monitor them while riding.

    I took some pics of my setup tonight:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Flush Hose Fitting 1.JPG 
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Name:	Flush Hose Fitting 2.JPG 
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Name:	Flush Hose Fitting 3.JPG 
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Name:	Flush Hose Fitting 4.JPG 
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Name:	Flush Hose Fitting 5.JPG 
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    I'm limited to 5 pics at a time, here is the final picture. I included a shut-off valve on my flush hose. In case the engine quits, you can shut the water off immediately without running across the yard.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Flush Hose Fitting 6.JPG 
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    man that is a sweet set up! the valve on the hose is genius! I'm always doing the same running for the hose hoping I don't flood the thing.....never seems to happen but I don't need to find out!


    ....yeah I did do the triple pisser mod. I got the ski with the motor blown and already removed from the hull so it has been a bit of a job putting back together something I've never seen before. I don't have any extra parts so I think I got it right!

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    Thats a pretty nifty set up steve

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    Cooling system on stxr or ultra 150 are the same. It starts at the pump which looks like you have an 03-05 stxr. Theres a strainer on the top of the pump then goes thru hull to the manifold that connects to each cylinder. From there it goes through the cylinders to the heads out those fitting. Water so goes through the exhaust manifold to exhaust and out the stinger. Were your seeing the water come out is connected to the hose ontop of the stinger.

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    ok, I have that part I think....but then where does the water that comes out the exhaust originate from?

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