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    Any truth to this???

    "Clutch on supercharger to tight not allowing supercharger to spool up to make full boost" Never heard this before until a few days ago.

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    No just crazy if it is too tight it will not slip properly and probably going to cause the shaft to snap. You would for sure get full boost for a few unhooks than pop.
    Back in the day when the SCer clutch came out there were a few that experimented with this with horrible success.

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    What???Your saying that if the SCer clutches are to tight it wont let it spool up????IF its to tight it will spool up as as fast as the engine is spinning and it now becomes locked making it direct drive not letting it slip..WHICH could be bad news as there could be a chance the thrust collar could spin blocking off the oil hole shutting down lubrication to the clutch system, or worse you could snap the shaft if you get to carried away with the slip....

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    They have it completely backward Ross, they clearly don't understand the S-D clutch. Like Scott said, it will spool up very fast, but when you let off WOT, it may snap the SC shaft or cause other serious damage. Whoever 'they' are I would never let them near a SC'd Doo.

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    I agree. I had to laugh at that one. I thought that would bring a good laugh.

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