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    Need help with rotax 717

    I purchased a 2001 Seadoo challenger with twin 717. The starboard motor was replaced last year with a sbt engine and it didn't last but a couple trips on the water. The rotary gear stripped inside the crank. Sbt warrantied the engine and the boat was winterized after testing motor and put up for the winter.

    I took the boat out mothers day and took it easy on the new motor trying to break it in easy. Well after about a hour the new starboard engine went again. I pulled the motor and it looks to be the same issue, stripped rotary gear inside the crank.

    I spoke with the mechanic who replaced the motor for the couple that I purchased the engine from. He said that when the last engine went he checked everything trying to see if anything could have cause the pto to tighten and break the gear. Everything seems to spin smoothly and with ease. All oil lines and pumps are working fine.

    Really don't know what to look at as I'm new to these pwc engine. I've joined a couple of these forums hoping to find some answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The mechanic seems to think it's a sbt problem, but doesn't everyone wanna pass the blame. I'm just looking for a fix as the sbt warranty end this August.

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    Not sure. Plan on draining everything and putting Seadoo oil in it

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    Welcome to the Forum....

    May want to post this in the correct section....Seadoo Sport Boat Section....

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    Did the mechanic check the rotary valve clearance? If it's too might it will cause that gear to strip...

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