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Thread: Nujet prop?

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    Nujet prop?

    Newb here. Just picked up 98' STX & ZXI 1100. After I killed and sold my 96 ZXI years ago.

    I'm looking at a Nujet prop for the ZXI then put the factory prop on the STX. The STX has nicks and chips all over the blades from being ran thru rocks. Plus it only runs 38 on the lie meter.

    I've done the free or easy mods so far ;timing, cut grate bar, ZXI nozzle.
    Anyone else have tips or ideas?

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    Welcome aboard, Lightning!

    Yea, the STX 1100 should run about 50 or so. A bad impeller could cause it. However, I'd start with a compression test. One bad cylinder will kill it, and it will get expensive quickly if you don't catch it early.

    You may also have a carburetor slide sticking or something. Also, check for crap in the fuel filter, etc.

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    Thanks for the info Steve. I'll check everything you said and go from there. I missed out on the Nujet prop. It sold fast on ebay.

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