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    Big thanks to this forum - also spark plugs!

    Hello all, long time lurker here. I just wanted to thank the community here for the numerous tips and tricks as well as info regarding maintenance and such. I'm posting today because your advice has been very helpful to me even though I typically get it by searching existing threads rather than starting my own.

    I'd also like to offer the following testimonial about spark plugs. You see I was always very skeptical about plugs being the problem for stutters, and mis-fires and such but sure enough when I had some problems of my own and found numerous people recommending new plugs as the fix (in threads I found of folks with similar issues) I was as skeptical as ever. That said, I am not so stubborn as to not listen so I got new plugs expecting it to make no difference. I was wrong, very wrong. So if you're like me and you're a skeptic, try it anyway!

    thanks again!!


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    I have a summer house on a lake, pretty close to a major launch ramp. Every year I see guys on 4TECS on the water with issues, many times right off my dock. I ask them what the problem is, reply usually is stuttering, bogging, etc. I ask if fuel is fresh, and have they changed spark plugs recently. Most of the time they think I am an idiot. I did have one come back and tell me they thought I was nuts, but changed the plugs and it ran perfect, and thanked me.

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