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Thread: Weird question.

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    Weird question.

    This is going to be a weird question but I need to ask just incase.

    When I first got my ski it had a bell like rattle sound coming from the jet pump, I knew this was normal as I also heard the same sound coming from a newish ski.

    Now after I replaced the valves and started the engine for the first time again that sound wasn't there anymore and it made the ski sound very smooth! I took it to the water and it was cavitating and vibrating very violently! I took the ski back home to check and clear jet pump. Then I took it back to the water and it was doing the exact same thing! I lost my temper and just revved it up and it sounded like something just cleared from the pump and it was running super smooth again! Then when I came to flush the ski out it had that BELL/ rattle sound again! So I then knew it was ok and just thought it must of just been something in the jetpump that I couldn't see.

    Now I've had the engine out to upgrade the fly wheel bolts and to replace a few other things. I stated it for the first time again and again there is no BELL / rattle sound again! I have not yet took it to the water but I'm expecting it to do that cavitating with the engine vibrating violently again.

    What could it be or what could I be doing wrong?

    Thanks guys.

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    new wear ring?

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    Did you check the engine alignment after re-installing the engine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpt7779 View Post
    Did you check the engine alignment after re-installing the engine?
    Yes I've got the tools.
    But when I replaced the valves the engine was not removed and it done the same thing then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    new wear ring?
    I haven't installed a new wearing as of yet.

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    Any other ideas guys?

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    If its a non Ibr ski usually the reverse bucket and steering nozzle rattles when it running on the hose.
    drop it in the water and no more rattle.

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    Yeah I never really had the rattle sound in the water but I did when the ski was out of the water.

    But now I don't have the bell rattle out of water and last time it didn't make the bell like sound it was cavitating and vibrating violently. Guess I'll just have to take it to the water and see how it's running.

    Just if it it did decide to vibrate again I'd like to know what the problem would be.

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