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    Stator cover cooling mod?

    Installing triple pipes on a pro 1200 and have seen where people have installed a cooling water cover. Has this mod. been proven to help with keeping the stator running cooler and increasing it's longevity? Is this just a cooling jacket from a txi model or do you also need a different flywheel cover? Where do you pipe in the cooling water from? Thanks

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    You're right on the money and it does keep things a little cooler up there.
    I tap the water inlet hose and bring the water into the cover, I exit mine through my triple pipe exit but others use a seperate pisser (good to monitor temperature I guess).

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    All of the 1200s should already have the proper flywheel/stator just need the cooling cover from an i/txi/genesis, along with the longer bolts and gasket. You'll have to tap the 4 inner holes on the stock cover...they are M6x1.0. T off from the main line in...should already be a 3/8" T that feeds the stock exhaust manifold that will work, as this is removed when installing tripples...then run it off the side with the rest of the pissers, or somehwere out the back. Don't know how well it works, but it has to help cool the area. I will be installing it in my tripple piped boat this weekend. Considering how fragile the Domestic stators are, it can't hurt. You're looing at about $90 for the cover...bolts from Polaris are a rip off, so I picked some up from my local bolt warehouse for less than $10.

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