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    leakdown test after 8 Hrs.

    Had my ski down at the shop today and it was pretty quiet so we decided to give it a leakdown test. We thought it would be quick and easy,but after we had to go get a 10mm x1.0 to 14mm adapter for the tester to fit in the sparkplug hole from the local tool store, and then fab up a tool to turn the driveshaft it ended up being a afternoon project. I did run the engine on the hose for about 5 minutes to warm it up,but by the time we got everything we needed to test it the engine was cold again. But the results were good. The rings are throughly seated showing only about 4% in all cylinders has measured at TDC. And while I was at it I gave it a quick compression test to see what that was. All 4 cylinders were at 145psi. But that reading is low and not perfectly accurate has the adapter to fit the gauge has a hollow spot that has to be filled before it will start measuring compression.
    For those of you who may decide to gave your ski a compression/leakdown test make sure you disconnect the coil primary wires(per manual) which are on the right front part of the engine compartment and easy to get to

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    Thanks for the info. Great to know the rings seated that fast.

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