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Thread: Bolt is MIA!!

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    Bolt is MIA!!

    I was over excited to get my newly powder coated pipes back into their home tonight when I noticed a missing bolt

    The bolt and the big rubber bushing between the pto and center head pipes backed out and dropped. I managed to find the rubber bushing but I'm starting to think the bolt dropped into some strange portal and vanished!! I wasted a good 2 hours and 4 or 5 beers trying everything to find that sucker, no luck!

    I guess i'll try and find one sunday to replace it. I think i'll get one that is longer so I can use a lock-nut on the back side.

    I'm just completely baffled as to where it could have bounced to!!!!

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    Put it on the trailer, raise it as high as you can and drive it on some bumpy roads for a few miles, then look at the rear bottom of the hull??

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